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You don’t want your dog to be a danger to others – or itself. You are a responsible dog owner – aware of the problems that dogs can cause. 
ARDO’s mission is to help the millions of dog owners in the UK and around the world understand  what being truly responsible means.  Since vets agree that keeping a dog permanently on a lead is cruel, and science tells us that it leads to frustration and aggression, responsibility must involve effective training that allows all dogs to safely experience the freedoms they need.
There are many dog trainers who will tell you that the strong predatory instincts of dogs with a history of chasing, can be changed or safely controlled when off-lead through only using ‘positive’ methods – such as rewarding the dogs with treats and toys.
Sadly there is no academic evidence to support this view. It is naïve. And these dog trainers make a living out of this ineffective training.
There is however a great deal of academic and visible ‘real world’ evidence showing that when used responsibly, quality electronic collars are hugely effective at teaching off-lead dogs to respond instantly, safely and reliably around very high distractions.
Used responsibly, they can be used to teach dogs to associate approaching an innocent prey animal for example sheep and wildlife, with a startling and unpleasant (yet harmless) consequence. The training process is so effective, that the dog will choose not to chase or attack that animal when it is off the lead – even if it has escaped. This enables you to comply with the law to keep your dog under control.
So we encourage you to look at the evidence – and if you have used electronic collars we urge you to complete the survey below, contact your MP and join us in having your voice heard.
Jamie Penrith – ARDO
How do I join?
Supporting ARDO and being supported by us couldn’t be easier! All we ask is that you send an email through to sharing your support for our ethos and actions and you can rest assured that we will work on your behalf to continue our educational work, promoting responsible dog ownership. Alternatively, by completing the electronic collar user survey and agreeing to be kept updated, we will also work with you, for you!
Do I need to pay?
No! Not a penny! ARDO’s purpose is to promote responsible dog owners – people just like you! The more people like you support us, the more influence we have to speak on your behalf about matters that directly affect you! From time to time, we might seek to raise funds for worthwhile causes or in order to extend our reach, but this will never be a condition of your support. 
Subject to conditions of use, supporters/members may use the ARDO logo or reference ‘joinARDO’ on websites or materials. Please email for terms and conditions.
URGENT REQUEST: By simply completing the form on this site and using our site to contact your parliamentary representative, ARDO need and encourage you to share your experiences with electronic training collars (e-collars, bark collars and fence containment collars) in furthering the freedom and enhancing the well-being of your pet. This is not a marketing questionnaire. We have no self-serving agenda beyond representing full truth on behalf of genuine, responsible dog owners. It should take no more than 10 minutes of your time to do your part in protecting and enhancing the welfare of countless thousands of dogs.  PLEASE complete the questionnaire and follow the link to contact your local MP.  Thank you in anticipation. Your help is essential.

Mission Statement

“ARDO represents, educates, guides and speaks for passionate, responsible dog owners and dog lovers. We are real dog people with a steadfast ethical commitment to protecting and enhancing canine welfare. ARDO members are dedicated to securing safety and working for controlled freedom of behavioural expression.”


ARDO is a totally unique association of dog owners, trainers behaviourists and scientists. As real-world, everyday dog owners, we consult speak and act together with and on behalf of you and your dogs. We are not a ‘trainer’ association. Whilst we have many members who are experienced, compassionate and knowledgeable trainers, ARDO membership is not restricted by qualifications or expertise. Members of ARDO share a love of dogs and a sense of responsibility to our canine friends, to the public at large and to other pets and livestock with whom our dogs come into contact.

“ARDO members are sympathetic and understanding to the necessary, proportionate and humane use of all legitimate training aids in the appropriate circumstances.”


We have no political, financial or ideological agenda, focusing instead on working with and for our members to assist them in creating the best possible relationship with their dogs. All advice, action or endorsement is strictly in line with our mission statement.”

Is ARDO for me?

Do you believe passionately that responsibility and freedom go together? Like ensuring your dog knows the boundaries, both physical and behavioural? Do you strive to make sure your dog has freedom to express normal behaviour? Like walking off lead and behaving well? Do you do what it takes to make sure your dog has freedom from pain injury and disease? Like allowing your dog the secure freedom of the garden? If you answered yes to these questions, then ARDO is definitely for you – so JOIN US Now!!

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