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  1. This is a rolled up cotton towel designed to have no physical pain. The purpose of the act of “bonking” is for the dog to have a negative association with the undesired behaviour. This is how you stop undesired behaviour and allow the dog to have a full and free life. It’s pretty safe to say that this dogs’ temperament is one that the bonker would have the desired affect and thus freeing the dog from this crippling behaviour problem. If you can’t read the dog in the video like this then maybe you are not in the right profession.

  2. This letter is an excellent step forward in making clear some observations and recommendations in relation to the content of this video, and this issue/incident in general.

    The above communication has clearly been written with a very intelligent, clear headed approach that is uncommon in this day and age out there in the broader dog training community.

    My opinion is also that this incident, and this response, highlights some very salient points for consideration:

    Even without access to an ecollar, people will still persist with idiotic, abusive and/or sub optimal training practices;

    The greatest threat to maintaining access to training tools such as ecollars is not from *outside* those in the dog training community that apply positive punishment and negative reinforcement in the dog training community – it is from within, personified by people such as Gellman, whom employ poor practice based on a lack of skill or sufficient understanding;

    Even where there is no ecollar use during an incident of abusive conduct, those that have malignant political intent will find any excuse to try and push their vitriolic, short sighted agenda;

    Without clear thinking, highly informed and educated thought leaders like James Penrith to lead the discussion in the right direction, there is no level of accountability to which those like the SSPCA can be held for their misleading and deliberately misleading statements.

    Thank you James, you’re a legitimate international hero that works so, so tirelessly – at great personal and professional expense – for a cause that is perhaps far greater than any one of us…and a comparatively thankless cause at that.

    Brad Griggs
    Canine Services International

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